Mercier’s Lake Acrylic Landscape Painting

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  My Mercier’s Lake Acrylic Landscape Painting was the creation I wanted to paint to relive the great time I had at Merciers Orchards in north Ga near Blue Ridge. My sister and I love to visit their general store. The … Continued

World Watercolor Month, July 2016

World Watercolor Month, July 2016 is a project I have been working on this summer.  Last summer in June I completed a abstract painting searches each day in the month of June. This year I tried to do something different. … Continued

Roundabout Abstract Collage Painting

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Roundabout Abstract Collage Painting is a collage I created on stretched canvas using acrylic paints and cut pieces from a white paper table cloth. I started the collage by using red, blue and white in small amounts of acrylic paint … Continued

Pencil, Colored Pencil Drawings

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It has been awhile since I updated this blog with my new pencil, colored pencil drawings. Until 2015, I had only been blogging and posting images about my paintings, but last year I became interested in drawing portraits in pencil … Continued

Triptych Color Abstract Paintings

After working on botanical landscape paintings for several months, I needed a change of pace from the details and started my triptych color abstract paintings.  The freedom to paint without much planning was back again.  I started the first painting … Continued

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