Technoman collage
Technoman collage
Jan Clifton Watford’s interest in art began as a very young child. Through childhood she studied privately with several art teachers and was recognized with several art awards. Education includes Florida State University, Georgia Perimeter College, and a Bachelors of Visual Art from Georgia State University. Graduate work includes a master’s degree in teaching and learning with specialization in integrating technology in the classroom from Nova Southeast University. For many years she taught art from her home and then from her own retail store that also included wholesale and retail sales, and arts and crafts. Her original designs for the gift market industry have sold nationally and internationally. She taught public school for eleven years with the last eight years in elementary art to inner-city children.  In her retirement, she is enjoying pursuing her interest by furthering her involvement in fine art painting in watercolor, acrylics, and collage. Recently an additional interest in writing and illustrating books for young children has also been realized by the addition of several ideas for her books that are presently in progress.  Her first picture book, Drabsville, was published in September of 2012. A few weeks later, her first chapter book, Roland’s Stupendous Imagination And The Native Americans, was published as an ebook.  In 2012 she also was awarded with the honor of becoming a lifetime member of Who’s Who Worldwide.


Jan Clifton Watford
Jan Clifton Watford
Through the years I have experimented with many various techniques and styles of art. My present work is a collaboration of all of this, but I have also chosen to try to push myself in new directions to both explore and challenge myself in the learning and creative process. I enjoy traditional media such as watercolor and acrylics, but have more recently become fascinated with collage. Technology and the computer offers new challenges and possibilities with art and am intrigued with the possibilities of incorporating my love for both. Although in the past, I have primarily painted more traditional landscapes and still life of flowers, I also trying my hand with abstract painting. Color has always played a critical role in my art.
Since retiring from teaching public school in 2011,  I have expanded the time I work on my painting and have tried  different creative avenues with my artwork.  I have  also been writing and illustrating  books for young children. This has been a dream of mine for many years.   My illustration and writing can be viewed on my author and illustrator website,

AllOfIt mixed media collage

My blog on this website will serve as my art diary for my exploration with my paintings and artwork.  For many years I created realistic artwork.  I have decided since i retired from teaching public school that I would like to not be known as just a realistic artist but that I would rather use my creative efforts to explore areas in art that I always shied away from.  This means that sometimes it presented on this website as a very honest presentation of my artistic efforts with some being more successful than others.  I feel that if I learn from the successes and mistakes that no efforts will be in vain.  My hope by sharing my art diary in this blog is that maybe my readers will learn along with me or leave comments for any insight they may give to me and my readers.

Exhibitions and Festivals

Welch Gallery, 100 X 100 Exhibit, Fall 2013 Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga.

See Me, Art Takes Paris, Spring 2013, Long Island City , New York

See Me,  The Story Of The Creative, Summer 2013, Long Island City, New York

Lilburn Art Alliance Fall Exhibit Fall 2013, Lilburn, Georgia

Blue Ridge, Ga. Fall Festival 2013

See Me, The Year 2013 In Review, January 2014

Smyrna Spring Jonquil Festival, April 26 -27, 2014,space 66,  Smyrna, Ga.

Snellville Day Festival, May 3-4, 2014, space 11, Snellville, Ga.


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